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Car Hire Malta - St Paul's Bay

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Car Hire from €20, office located at Malta - St Paul's Bay in St.pauls Bay.

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Customer Reviews

Good choice of cars and cheaper than main brands.
- James M.

Airports near the Malta - St Paul's Bay office include: Luga Airport (MLA) - Approx 4.7 miles/7.56 km, Catania Airport (CTA) - Approx 106.4 miles/171.23 km, and Pantelleria Airport (PNL) - Approx 148.7 miles/239.31 km. See other nearby airports below:

Car Hire Information Malta St Paul's Bay

Name/Location Car Hire Malta - St Paul's Bay
Lat/Long 35.8966415, 14.5131413
Address 191 St.pauls Street, St.pauls Bay, Spb 3300 St.pauls Bay SPB 3300 Malta
City St.pauls Bay
Country Malta
Postal Code SPB 3300

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